Taking On The Masters

If I were to say that this year’s Daiwa Pole Fishing Masters was one of the best events I’ve fished, would I be biased? Probably, seeing as I helped my partner in crime, Tom Scholey, run the show! Nevertheless, it went down a storm, and had the feel of fishing a top-class event in a very elite field – quite literally taking on the masters in this game.

What was interesting over the three days was that the tactics used to catch fish were probably not what most predicted. Tunnel Barn is often dominated by fishing against islands and down the edges, but this year’s show turned into an open-water shallow fest.


It did, however, teach me just how much there is to such a method. Can an inch in depth make a difference? One hundred per cent it can! Does it matter how you hook or band your caster? Most certainly!

I again learnt loads, and when you look at the frame of anglers, it’s scary to see how close the results are. I had a great festival, and the two section wins and a second put me in seventh place, picking up a nice cheque and plenty of cash along the way. Just to put things in perspective, the winner of the match each day took home over £700 in just superpool and section money!

There’s so much talk of good pegs, lucky anglers and the draw bag these days, but I’d go as far as saying that the best three anglers on the bank were first, second and third in this competition. Fishing is a sport, where there is large element of luck involved, and it was a pleasure to fish an event and feel like a proper competitive sportsman in angling.

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Just 2oz separated the champion, Andy Bennett, and second-placed Des Shipp, with Paul Holland also ending on three wins for third – well done gents!

Better still, in conjunction with event sponsor Daiwa, we have produced a free digital magazine and online video all about the event, incorporating winners’ tactics from all three days. Check out www. polefishingmagazine.com to see this!

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